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  The supply and demand for the unrefined or crude oil is the major cause for high costs of fuel. Supply and demand is the basic criterion for all energy prices. According to U.S Department of Energy there are three separate energy estimates of the world s known oil reserves. The average of these reserves is estimated to be 1,255 billion barrels. Saudi Arabia as a dominant producer holds 256billion barrels of reserves. 755 billion barrels belong to the Middle East. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is the association of 12 countries, which is led by Saudi Arabia. OPEC accounts for 2/3 (66.66%) of the world s oil reserves. OPEC as a market leader feels free to set its own price for crude oil. Therefore no considerable competition to drive downs the prices. Demand for fuel and fuel prices are in direct proportion to each other. It means that whenever the demand of the petroleum products increases, the prices of the fuel for consumer inc

  In your search for the best payroll solutions software or system for you company, it is very crucial to list down the features you are looking for. Some are reviewed online, or you may ask some experts on this area. Make sure that you understand the features that certain payroll solutions are offering. Basically, payroll solutions help in having an advanced system in the human resource department. If you have chosen the right one for your company, you yourself would eventually see the benefits that you will have. It mainly saves time, especially for the employees. Payroll solutions have slowly become a must-have for companies handling a number of employees. Payroll solutions give companies satisfaction in terms of handling and tracking essential details related with payout and employees. Payroll solutions help in eliminating human errors normally incurred by the traditional manual payroll management system. Some of the common mistakes avoided include erro

There are so many great reasons that you should visit the Mercedes Body Shop Houston TX. The range of products is immense and each and every one is of the highest quality. But, there is more to the store than its beautiful products, and that is why it has ardent fans all around the world. The Body Shop has become an international phenomenon in the cosmetics and body care world and they are proud to have a very loyal following in one of the most potentially fickle industries. Not only are their products innovative, but the manner in which the business is run has changed the cosmetics and beauty industry in many ways. The Body Shop was one of the very first cosmetics companies to approach the business from an environmentally and socially ethical position. Before it was fashionable to do so, they were saying no to animal testing and sourcing ingredients for its natural products from Community Trade. The prices of the products that are available through the Bod